A Quality Decision

Most people underestimate the power of a Quality Decision (QD).  Yet every time you make a QD your life moves UP a notch! Here’s a Quality Decision for Weight Loss Champions… “Today, I Choose to Eliminate Roadblocks To My Success!” You can begin with eliminating these three: Wrong Relationships –  You need people around you […]

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The Perfect Steak!

Would you like to learn how to cook a steak which tastes like the $75 ribeye at the fancy steakhouse…for 80% LESS?  I thought you might. Let me share with you the secrets of preparing the perfect steak at Manifest Weight Loss. Before we begin, I do recommend for optimum results that you have a

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Build the Foundation

Let’s create a simple first dish.  Remember we’re building a structure, so we need a strong foundation.  And in cooking, that foundation is FLAVOR!   Who doesn’t love tasty scrambled eggs?  When was the last time you had some memorable scrambled eggs?  Right.  No more boring eggs, ready?  STEP ONE    Beat 2-3 eggs.  Use a

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You Got The Piano, Now What?​

Want to lose weight permanently?  Take Lessons! Very few musicians picked up their instrument for the first time and sounded great.  They Learned From A Master. And what they soon discovered, was that the quality of their mentor, determined the quality of their results. Because an uncommon mentor doesn’t just show you what to do, they inspire

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