Food and Faith, Both Can Save Your Life

Lots happening very fast these days.

Instead of stress eating, take it the other way.

Focus on what you are thankful for, and say so.

You can make a list of the many things that are going right for you;

your family, health, relationships, career, children, home, and anything else.

Now read the list aloud and think about each one.

Being thankful is good mental health, and it’s good physical health as well.

And here’s more…

A 20 year Harvard study on more than 75,000 women found that regular church attendance and prayer dramatically improves health and reduces your chance of dying by one third

A similar study was done with youth which found that children and teenagers who attend church and pray or meditate are likely to experience lasting mental and physical health benefits.

Sounds like the right food along with personal devotion is a recipe for a long and happy life!