You Need a Mentor

We have enjoyed working with a variety of different people for more than two decades.  We like to think we know a bit about effective coaching.  We have also developed many relationships with excellent coaches.

Yet there are no weight loss coaches at Manifest Weight Loss.  Why not?  Your weight loss is not the goal.  Our goal is for you to be YOU, because you are not your weight!  What we do have are Life Coaches who some would consider Mentors.  A Mentor does more than help you lose weight, that’s the easy part; a Mentor wants to affect your life.  A Mentor shows you what you can be, today.  A mentor rouses the dreams, stirring the champion within you.

It is your mentor who challenges you to go beyond what you can do; they challenge you to become who you were created to be.  Mentors connect you to your God-given assignment; that unique purpose etched within you.  It’s what distinguishes you from everyone else.  Most of all, a Mentor inspires you to Believe that you matter, because you say so!  You Believe in your worth. You believe in your potential; your transformation.  When you believe in your dream, you will move heaven and earth to fulfill that vision! 

You will never gain that weight back.  Food can no longer compete with the power of your destiny!  Finally, a Mentor connects you with a living power, deep inside.  A power with unlimited potential.  It’s that power that inspires us to keep dreaming, to keep creating, to keep expanding, to keep becoming, until the very end. 

Weight loss is not your problem.
The Right Connection will transform your life!  

Let us prove to you the power of a right connection.  Please click the link below to our 6 EASY Questions.  Of course, there is no obligation; it’s our way of getting a conversation started.  Once you submit your response we will reply to you within 24 hours and we can discuss.  You decide what’s best for you!

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