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Frequently Asked Questions!

The Inside/Outside System, derived from proprietary research incorporates science and nutrition to unlock each individual’s Food Code.  It is 100% natural and positively affects both the mind and body.  Along with our Locomotive Food Campaigns, weight loss is not just possible, but permanent.

Campaigns are different from diets or food plans since they promote a lifestyle, not just temporary restrictions of certain foods.  Campaigns are customized, flexible and change as your body and habits change.  For instance, when a person begins a regular exercise routine and starts burning more calories, their campaign changes.

MWL does not place anyone on any type of diet. We customize your personal campaign to teach you how to eat healthy foods which you purchase at the grocery store as you will do all of your life. There are chef inspired recipes along with targeted exercise videos (optional), all included in every campaign, and all 100% supervised by your own personal, proven coach.  This combination achieves PERMANENCE!  That is permanent Life Change, which produces Permanent Weight Loss.

Our personalized campaigns have been created and are supervised by our licensed nutritionist. They are evidence-based upon studies along with personal results which prove the benefits of proper protein, carbohydrate, and fat ratios derived from a large variety of healthy whole foods.  Our clients lose an average of 3lb per week without ever going on a diet.

Our decades of experience have proven the value of a personal coach.  Each of our campaigns includes a proven coach, and proven is important.  Our lead coach and trainer is Joanna M. Gerard who has over 20 years of success in the health and wellness industry. She has coached thousands of clients both nutritionally and in areas of ongoing emotional support.  Our clients are not bounced from coach to coach. They receive personal, consistent coaching expertise in weekly zoom meetings plus unlimited calls and texts.

Absolutely NOT, which is another reason Doctors recommend our Campaigns.  Through the large variety of foods offered, you will receive all the nutrients needed for optimum health and wellness. We do provide delicious shakes, puddings, bars, soups, and other foods containing extra nutrients plus added protein.

Generally, our clients receive an immediate boost simply by adding the proper foods to their campaign.   Clients have responded by saying they have had more stamina, more energy and never felt deprived or hungry.