Manifest Weight Loss During Stressful Times

Let’s define stress. It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension, and comes from any event or thought that makes one feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

Stress is actually a daily part of our lives.

There are many factors that can cause stress, whether it be simply work related, traffic, family or just a trip to the dentist. 

Unfortunately, for many, the most common solution to handling stress is EATING! Overeating creates weight gain.

As time passes people begin to literally see the adverse effects of stress on their eating habits. 

Manifest Weight Loss

Here’s a very important question to ask yourself, “Are there ways to help relieve stress and get rid of the weight at the same time?”

Well friend, the answer is, OF COURSE!”

There are many ways to help relieve stress while losing weight.   Let’s check out three of them.

For fastest results my recommendation is exercising.  In fact you can actually do many different exercises at your own home.

Let’s start with Walking.  Begin with just 20 minutes around your neighborhood every other day.

This will make a huge difference in how you feel and in your waistline.

Manifest Weight Loss

Another activity is Cycling. Today many households have bikes and this could become a family affair.

Our goal is to accelerate your heart rate and burn calories. Cycling increases your metabolism and muscle mass.

As you push down or pull up on the pedals you are creating resistance and building muscle. 

Finally, HIIT Workouts are the most effective exercises you can do in the shortest amount of time for impressive results

A 15 minute HIIT workout 3 times a week is all you need.

Checkout Fitness Blender on YouTube for examples of HIIT workouts for your level, even beginners. 

Manifest Weight Loss

Regular exercise and eating the right foods at the right time guarantee effective weight loss even during the most stressful times.

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 Remember,  Our dedicated team coaches are ready to assist in putting all of the pieces together

for you and will make your weight loss goals a reality.