Manifest Weight Loss Techniques For Making Great Tasting Food!

I thought about giving this Blog a different title: Building Contractors Would Make Great Chefs!  The reason being, any dish you cook is really construction!  However, instead of going to Home Depot for “materials” you are going to Publix or Trader Joe’s.

There are $100,000 dollar houses and there are $1,000,000 dollar houses, and as you know, it goes up from there!  Yet, both houses have a roof, walls and a front door.  What’s the difference?  Quality!  The quality of the design, the construction and the building materials.  The higher the quality and expertise, the better the build.

It’s the same with cooking.  You make a vegetable or a meat dish, and you think it tastes pretty good.  Then you go to a nice restaurant and order the vegetables, and after the first bite you say, “Wait a minute!  Was that a carrot?”  “And what’s this, brussel sprouts?” “I don’t even like brussel sprouts…but these taste amazing!”  “Are these magic vegetables?”

Well, I assure you that the vegetables you tasted were not from another planet, however, the building contractor (chef) in the kitchen knew how to use certain techniques to bring out the “magic” in that same carrot which you can buy at your local grocery store.  Here’s the good newsYou can learn those techniques also, and get the same results, really.

I would like to take you on a fun, eye-opening journey into the world of basic food preparation.  I will show you how to make any dish pop and leave you wanting more – WITHOUT gaining weight!  Sound good?

More to come.