A Quality Decision

Most people underestimate the power of a Quality Decision (QD).  Yet every time you make a QD your life moves UP a notch!

Here’s a Quality Decision for Weight Loss Champions…

“Today, I Choose to Eliminate Roadblocks To My Success!”

You can begin with eliminating these three:

  1. Wrong Relationships –  You need people around you who are celebrating your decision to prioritize your health, not undermining it.  Make sure that your closest friends are like-minded with you regarding eating a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  2. Negative Conversation – This Quality Decision takes discipline at first, but once you make it your lifestyle, you will never go back to phrases like, “I’ll never lose this weight!”  Your words are the SEEDS which steer the direction of your life and determine your future harvests.  Right words attract the right people to you.  Decide to only speak words that communicate what you desire in your tomorrow.
  3. Time-Wasters – Achievers only spend time on things that bring them closer to their goals.  Anything else is time you can never recover.  Spend your time and your words wisely and make the most of every opportunity.  It won’t be long before Blessing and Increase overtake each day of your life!