Reversing Leptin Resistance With Manifest Weight Loss

Let’s talk about Leptin Resistance.  Leptin Resistance is our starvation hormone

This means that when a person gains weight, their brain can’t actually see it.

It’s one of the main reasons why dieting fails. 

There are three main mechanisms that cause leptin resistance, inflammation, free fatty acids, and high leptin levels

These factors can cause unwanted weight and make your body feel like it’s trapped in an obesity cycle

However, there are ways to reverse leptin resistance. 

First,  Avoid Processed foods.

By avoiding these unhealthy foods,  you help prevent your body from compromising

the integrity of your gut and creating inflammation.  That’s the long way of saying “heart attack” 

Manifest Weight Loss

Next, Eat Soluble Fibers.  By increasing your fiber intake your gut health begins to improve and will protect your body from obesity. 

One of the best fiber foods is oat bran, particularly, oatmeal

Oatmeal not only delivers great health benefits, but also comes in many delicious flavors.

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Manifest Weight Loss

Finally, Exercise.  Whether it’s taking a walk around the neighborhood or doing a 15 minute HIIT workout,

exercise will be a game changer to reversing leptin resistance. 

Manifest Weight Loss

Summing it up, Exercising regularly, avoiding processed foods, and increasing your fiber intake

can reverse leptin resistance, boost your metabolism and keep you burning calories! 

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