Build the Foundation

Let’s create a simple first dish.  Remember we’re building a structure, so we need a strong foundation.  And in cooking, that foundation is FLAVOR!  

Who doesn’t love tasty scrambled eggs?  When was the last time you had some memorable scrambled eggs?  Right.  No more boring eggs, ready? 


Beat 2-3 eggs.  Use a fork, not a whisk and do not season the eggs at this point.  Make sure there is at least one yolk present, set aside.


Get some fresh chicken sausage from the meat (not the deli) section of your grocery store.  Use one link and remove from the casing, or just purchase it without the casing.  In a medium hot skillet drizzle some EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) then crumble the sausage into the pan.  No sizzle?  Take it out and wait for the pan to heat.  No sizzle, No good.   


Now you’ve got tasty chicken sausage sizzling in a pan, so add the “stuff.”  What do I mean?  What do you like in your eggs?  Let’s see, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, spinach, etc. these are your eggs. If it’s none of the above, try garlic if you are a fan.  Also your favorite fresh herb goes in right here; basil, oregano, thyme, cilantro.

Whatever you put in, have ready to go in advance, and all sliced or diced thinly.  If you go with garlic, I recommend purchasing a citrus zester (AMZ $6) and grate a clove over the other veggies. Add S/P (not much salt, but some).  Stir everything together gently.  Check your pan temp.  Definitely want a good sizzle but not “burn sizzle.”


Here we go, take pan off heat, give your eggs a quick extra whisk and into the hot pan with veggies. Turn heat to low and place pan back on stove top.  Resist stirring anything right now.  Jiggle the pan if you would like, but no stirring, allow the eggs to set up for just 30 seconds.

Here is where you add the S/P to the eggs and the cheese (optional), grated or in small finger-fulls if using Brie or goat cheese.  Remember, with goat cheese, a little goes a long way.


With a non-steel spatula begin to gently fold the eggs into the veggies and make sure the cheese is melting (30 seconds). Now, turn off stove top, but leave the pan on the burner. Keep folding while working with the pan; on/off burner.  Do Not Overcook.  Take your eggs to the plate at the smooth and silky stage, they will continue to cook.  Enjoy your creation.  You’re about to have company.


Once you have made this a few times, it will take about ten minutes.  You can pre-plan and have some pre-chopped ingredients; it’s five minutes.  Also, you can make just the basic version of this dish in just a couple of minutes, and as long as you keep the foundation principle front and center, you will have memorable eggs every time.  Bon Appetit!  Questions? Email the Chef!