Inspiration for Life with Joanna Gerard

We Can Only Have What We Believe

Why do so many people remain at their present level, whether spiritually, emotionally, economically, or in their relationships?

The answer is that unfortunately, they only believe in what They Can Do.
Their thinking is limited to what can only be accomplished by their own abilities.

Supernatural Living and Accelerated Increase begins at a precise moment.

That moment is when we Believe that we are not limited to our senses and apptitudes. That What We Cannot Do, IS DOABLE!!

The Code For Big Challenges

If You Are Pursuing  your dream, it is not uncommon to face big challenges from time to time. 
Yet these tests are simply opportunities for growth!  Your circumstances seem intimidating only because you have never
encountered this type of giant before. But no matter how uncomfortable the situation, someone close to you has been where you are
right now and attained the victory, so they could share that wisdom with you.

We see it with our courageous clients who have had enough of battling with their weight and the frustrating Yo-Yo roller coaster. 
Reclaiming your life is serious business. The joys and opportunities offered by Permanent FREEDOM have a price, and that price is Change! 
There is no greater challenge for humans than change.  Yet, when you boil down the essence of change, it is just the assimilation of new information
and utilizing that knowledge to produce increase.  In other words, change is living in a mindset of continual learning and adapting.

When a person embraces this mentality, they expose themselves to all the possibilities they have ever dreamed of. 
Suddenly, the right people appear, new levels of wisdom and understanding are birthed and
every occasion is met with positive expectation. 

My challenge for you today is formidable, because without it,
nothing new is going to happen.
Take The First Step!
(the first step is contacting me, today)

Here is ALL that is necessary for you to know in order to take the first step. 
The One Thing you need to know is:
I Must Have A Change In My Health, because? _____
(fill in the blank).  That’s It.

Now there is quite a lengthy list of what is NOT necessary
for you to know, think, or do before the first step.
Here are just a few:
  • I’m too ___________ (fill in the blank)…
  • I need more Confidence…
  • I should take care of some other things first…
  • I have never had lasting results before…
  • I’ll call tomorrow

    You need none of that.  Nail down the One Thing, we’ll talk and take care of the rest.  We’ve Been There. 
    Remember, FEAR exists for one purpose – To Paralyze, or STOP any Progress!  We make fear scream in terror while our clients
    break through every obstacle of defeat and achieve one victory after another. 
    That’s why there is resistance to taking the first step. 

It is so different to settle into change when you are not alone; When you are being led with proven wisdom and knowledge. 
Confident Results Are a Product Of Strong Leadership.
  Take the first step and believe that the rest, will be the Best!

My Past Does Not Determine My Future

Have You Noticed that our culture seems increasingly more saturated by Fear, Doubt, and Unbelief? 
These three little lies are at work every day creating as much smoke as possible to obscure the TRUTH
which is Righteousness (Right Standing With God), Peace (Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken), and
Joy (Praise for Unlimited Possibilities); all of which are available to every person on earth!

The good news is that once you know the Truth, that Truth makes you Free.  One of the first principles of Permanent Freedom
which our clients learn is not about food, it’s about Fear.  Fear has no place in our protocol!  The fuel of fear is always the same –
The Past.  Fear’s objective?  “No More Advancement!”  If anything new is tried, fear makes certain it is never at full throttle. 
“You remember what happened last time….”  It’s not unusual to hear a prospective client say, “Well, I’ll give this a try.” 
That mentality is a false start.  It has the fear of failure within it.  
We teach people how to soar over this negative mindset for the rest of their lives!

Remember, no one can make you feel inferior or unworthy without your consent.  When we stop giving ourselves permission to be Less,
we will become More.  More healthy, more prosperous, more confident; expecting Good Things Happening For Us Constantly!

Sylvester Stallone needed to giver his character in Rocky III a complete makeover.  He recognized he needed wisdom for training
that was above his present level.  He hired Franco Columbo.  Franco was a competitive body builder with his own gym. 
As Stallone’s personal trainer he transformed the actor’s workouts and of course, his physicality.  
Their partnership set the actor on a trajectory of personal health and fitness which influences him to this day. 
Right Connections Produce Uncommon Results, For Life!

Perhaps becoming a body builder or action hero is not on your bucket list.  OK.  Even so, life-long results begin with the right coach. 
If you want 2023 to become the healthiest, most energetic year of your life, where you kick YoYo dieting to the curb;
Learn the freedom of food without fear. 
Connect with the team who can lead your Forever Transformation.

PROTEIN - Your New Best Friend

It’s never too late to begin adding extra protein to your daily food intake. 
As we age, protein and increased muscle mass is vitally important for health, strength and long life.

We begin losing 3-8% muscle mass per decade after age 30 and even more beyond 60. 
The sooner in life you begin even moderate strength training the better it will serve you as you become older. 
Strengthening and gaining any muscle mass will accelerate your metabolism and hasten the calorie burn! 

Conversely, losing muscle mass slows your metabolism and can make it more challenging to lose weight.
Without a comprehensive health strategy, our bodies want to lose muscle and gain fat.  Most people consume
more carbohydrates, which our body wants, and less protein, which our body needs; we’re hungry all the time,
and the only thing happening fast, is weight gain.  Here comes edema, fatty liver, lackluster hair, skin and nails,
a greater risk of bone fractures and low immune function.  Prescription drugs, anybody?  (yuk,yuk!)

Why not skip this predictable deterioration of life?  Your customized MWL Campaign Map will be designed to
keep your body and health in balance and will usually contain an exercise component. 
Anything from walking, and HIIT to possible strength training.  Every Map is different just like every person. 
Remember, our bodies are designed for movement and our metabolism responds positively to any extra effort we make.

“I hate exercise!”  “I’m on medication.” 
“Exercise just makes me hungrier.” 
“My uncle Fred got a hernia in the gym.”

We usually ask, “Were they having a sale?”

We have heard them all.  What we do ask is, “What’s your alternative?”  Reluctant Exercisers become our most grateful clients! 
Their courage to step out begins to pay off so quickly, that they never stop.  They walk with more energy,
greater mobility, better sleep, and they are off their meds!
  What could be better?

The difference a little exercise makes in our life, doesn’t just affect our physical body, but also our attitude, our joy level,
and consequently, our future.  Your best life is in you.  Our passion is to bring it out…One Quality Decision At A Time.

Allow me to prove it to you.

Go Ahead - Get The Cupcake...With Sprinkles

“I Bought a Cupcake yesterday, No Sprinkles!”  That doesn’t sound exciting does it?  What’s life without sprinkles? 
But Fear Not; it will not always be that way!  It’s Time To Celebrate an experience that will change the rest of your life. 
Becoming part of the Manifest family will mean change.  But it is the type of change you will cherish.  Like all new things,
adjustments to our ingrained past behavior can be uncomfortable.  That adjustment period varies with each person. 
The good news is that the initial training does come to an end. 

OK, Boot Camp is an exaggerated comparison.  But let’s just say, you will notice a difference! 
And, What If  you had to make some uncomfortable decisions for 90 days in order to learn how to live
and stay healthy for the rest of your life?”  Would It Be Worth It?  Only you can answer that question.

Staying healthy is a daily choice, especially with a busy lifestyle.  Challenging ourselves is good; whether it’s an idea, or a muscle. 
Where there is no resistance, there is no increase.
  Which is why change is good.  If we do what we have always done, we get the same results. 
If we want what we have never had, it’s time to do what we have never done! 

Celebrate your own value. Begin writing your thoughts and dreams in a journal. 
Get your hair done, buy a new outfit, take a long walk on the beach.
Do something daily to remind yourself that you are exquisitely,
and uniquely made by God’s perfect hand. 

Lastly, any voice in your life that does not support your highest vision of you is not a worthy voice.
Even if it’s coming from your own head, it must be rejected immediately!  Become your own
cheerleader by allowing your words to reinforce your dreams and goals. 
Remember, Your life will manifest exactly who you think and say you are!

You Need A Pro

You Glance Into your 17-year-old son’s room and he’s leaning back in his chair with a mirror in one hand
and a Swiss army knife in the other.  “What’s going on?” you ask, as calmly as possible. 
He says, “Oh, I’ve been feeling some really sharp pain in my right lower abdomen,
but I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos about it.
Looks pretty straight forward.”  “I’ve Got This!”

As far-fetched as that sounds, we hear people every week who sound much like this teenager. 
“Permanent Weight Loss?”  “Sure, I’ve been researching it online; It Shouldn’t Be A Problem.” 
Could we have a wisdom moment? 
Before attempting surgery OR Permanent Weight Loss on yourself,
consider using a professional with proven experience.

Manifest Weight Loss has no resemblance to a “Traditional Diet Center,” especially since we have never put a single client on a diet
and strongly advocate Against Diets! 
We design a unique and permanent experience for each individual client,
free of diets, drugs, and disaster!

Creating a Customized Campaign Map for each client requires thirty days of information gathering,
only then does the fine tuning  begin.  It has taken us over two decades of research, practice, and
experience to take the guesswork out of what we call, Permanent Freedom.  Our mission
has never been about losing weight.  Who HASN’T done that?  Our Mission Is Wholeness.
There are millions of people who are struggling with their weight who have been lied to for
generations; about diets, food choices, and ridiculous practices no one could ever keep!

Which is why Less than 2% of of all people who try traditional weight loss are able to keep the weight off permanently!

Is a 2% success rate not a disaster?

Our audience is the 98%!  It’s the dear people living in Yo-Yo World; trapped in a dark maze and tired
of hitting their heads against the wall.  Our audience is the people who
hate this ride!

Anyone who desires a natural weight reduction of 8 to 10 pounds every month
While NEVER Gaining It Back
should be talking with us.

Our Clients
Do Not Diet
Do Not Gain Weight Back
Do Not Feel Hungry or Deprived

Our Clients
Love the Flavor of Healthy Eating
Discover the Power of Metabolic Energy
Attain Breakthroughs with Pre-Existing Conditions
Achieve Victory Over Hormone Related Imbalances
Conquer Eating Disorders
Experience Joy and Peace

If Permanent Weight Loss included a reliable Do It  Yourself model, the success rate would be much higher than 2%. 
When something means enough to us, we seek outside help.  We look for success; a proven record of winning. 
 What Have You Got To Lose?  You’ll know right away if our coach sounds like all the other ones.

Complimentary Coaching Consult 

New Year's Resolution or A Quality Decision?

The Difference between a New Year’s Resolution and a Quality Decision is that the QD will still be active in February!  
Whereas, the Decision is, In 2023 I Will Acquire and Act on Practical Wisdom For A Lifetime of Healthy Eating and Exercise.
Traditional Weight Loss
is like getting that third job which demands much effort for very little results. Manifest WL is
like learning basic investment principles which over time can yield financial increase for generations.
We Offer Permanent Solutions.

Manifest WL is knowledge; proven wisdom, techniques and strategies which inspire health and freedom for the rest of your life. 
Hear Yourself make this Powerful Declaration Every Day of This Year:  “I will Set Myself Free in 2023!”

My friend, Daisy, created the above picture in November ’22.  It shows how you can escape from any bondage, including food.
Yet, here is another new year.  There is nothing special or magical about 2023, unless you decide to make it special.
Your decisions, your actions, your words will make this year whatever kind of year you choose.
Choose Freedom – Choose Victory,
Not just for 2023, but for the rest of your life! 
Everything Changes When We Take the First Step.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s last attempt to go home seemed to vanish in the hot air balloon.
But she soon discovered that her hope was misplaced.  That the balloon was not her answer. 
Her deliverance was actually much closer than she ever thought. 
Just like yours.  And what you carry is so much greater. 

It’s the power of a choice!
  It’s Within you. Use it to change your world!

We may not know everything that will happen in 2023. 
But we can certainly set our course for health and prosperity,
even today.