Decisions Drive Destiny

The definition of a decision is simply a choice, a conclusion or resolution reached after thoughtful and informed consideration.  Unfortunately, not every choice we make is a good one.  At Manifest Weight Loss, our passion is helping people make decisions which propel their lives forward.  The most important changes in your life did not come by accident, they came about from the making of a quality decision.

Manifest Weight Loss

Whether it was a major purchase, like an automobile or a house, a career change, or moving to a different city.  Perhaps you made some renovations to your home or built a swimming pool; you decided the best college choice for your child.  Each of these events required quality decisions, many of them.

Manifest Weight Loss

Think of your favorite heist movie.  You watch the nimble-fingered safe cracker; black gloves on the huge silver dial, it’s completely quiet, ear against the massive black box, the dial begins to turn.  First to the right, then the left, then again, one click, then another, and another, until finally, you hear it; the final click.  It sounds deafening.  You see the gloved hand grab the handle, and turn, then the line, “I’m in!” 

What just happened?  Lots of small, yet quality choices which led to a desired goal.  Now, I am not advocating or promoting thievery.  However, I am willing to create a visual to encourage the power of small, consistent, decisions in the right order, which lead to the opening of big opportunities.

Big decisions require commitment and persistence, and usually, the right team, large or small, in order to realize the prize.  The right team ensures that all aspects of the plan are properly executed.  Back to my illustration; there were certainly many other quality decisions which were made which ensured that the gloves got on the safe.

Manifest Weight Loss

All of these principles apply when your ultimate goal is Permanent Weight Loss, Perfect Health, and Complete Wholeness.  You will certainly need commitment, persistence, and the right team.  Especially the right Coach.

Manifest Weight Loss

There really is a science to knowing how to eat and there is a learning curve for which you will need the physical knowledge and the emotional support to make this a seamless journey.  Remember, we are not talking about a diet here.  We are planning for Permanent Life Change!

Manifest Weight Loss

The right coach is the key because they get to know you, your past, your relationships, triggers, and how your mind processes food.  They Put All The Pieces Together for you.  The right coach stands between your fears and your goals.  And they help you keep your eyes on the goal.  Sometimes it’s making a decision between that extra glass of wine, that piece of cake and your favorite skinny jeans.  The good news is that you will possess the power to make the right decision, and feel terrific about it!

Make sure those jeans are hanging on your closet door so you can see them every day.  Because making good decisions about the foods you eat is not just a daily event, but multiple times a day.  In other words, lots of opportunities to choose wisely. 

And of course, the greatest daily decision?  Choosing to believe you are worth it.  Because you are

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