Manifest Weight Loss

Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

There might be a few roadblocks that are preventing you from accomplishing your weight loss goals.

Three Reasons why you may not be losing weight faster-

1. Gut Health.  Your gut has a microbiome which is a collection of bacteria that helps control your digestion and can benefit your immune system.

However, if the microbiome is unbalanced between healthy and unhealthy bacteria, it may contribute to weight gain,

high blood sugar, high cholesterol and other disorders.

One of the best sources for good bacteria and a healthy gut is taking Probiotics.

Manifest Weight Loss

2. Age Is A Thing.  As we age, muscle mass shrinks and our metabolism slows down.

So, while we should be more exercise-minded we tend to cut back on workouts and not be as concerned about our food choices.

This combination could be disastrous! Getting older means moving more, becoming more fit and yes, more committed to healthy eating.

Manifest Weight Loss

3. Not Enough Protein.  Finally, consistent weight loss requires taking in more quality protein and less carbohydrates.

Again, it’s not about losing weight; it’s about boosting your metabolism!

High glycemic carbs and processed sugars bring your metabolism to a crawl.

Protein and fiber keep your engine burning and your body lean.

Manifest Weight Loss

There you are, these three; a healthy gut, consistent smart exercise (HIIT), and the right protein to carb ratio.

Contact a “Pro Coach” who will put it all together for you.

They will be by your side making sure every step of your journey leads to success!