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The Perfect Roast Chicken – ala Manifest Weight Loss

Here are the secrets to a perfectly cooked chicken.  If you’re in the 350 for 90  club, relax; plenty of people in that one.

The good news is that you are about to be evicted from that rubbery, tasteless domain forever.

Let’s Get Started

Step 1: If you have a standard oven preheat to 500 DEG, yes, 500.  Convection oven preheat to 475 DEG. Place bird on flat rack over a roasting pan, not in the roasting pan.

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Step 2:  The Bird – Get an organic chicken if you can.  There is a difference in taste. 

Seasoning is simply salt and pepper on both the breast, the back and inside the cavity. Be generous with the S/P.

 Next, stuff the cavity with half of a lemon, six smashed cloves of garlic, and handful of fresh thyme.

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Step 3: Now pour olive oil all over the back and the breast. Lay the chicken breast side down in the middle of the oven rack.

Cook for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, flip chicken, lower the temp to either 450 DEG or 425 (if convection).

Cook 20 more minutes, then remove from oven to rest.

Step 4: LET IT REST for 30 minutes!  Carve Away.

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You now have a moist and delicious, perfectly cooked roasted chicken. Enjoy!