See It

See The Vision.  We See What We THINK!  Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thought.  We become who we Think we are and who we See ourselves as being.  Who gets the prize?  The one who SEES  IT!  You must See the vision of the Best You.  “If You Can See It, You Can Have It.”

The Master artist of the Italian Renaissance, Michelangelo, said of his colossus, “David,” “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  You alone are the sculptor of your life.  See the happy, healthy, slimmer, best you, and set that angel free.

Take It (Swimming Lessons)

Take The Inside To Outside Approach.  It’s Time To Say It!  Momentum Begins With Our Mouth.  Not to eat, but to Speak.  Once we See correctly we must Speak Correctly.  Manifest Weight Loss uses this Inside To Outside approach.  The Inside To Outside Approach Manifests Weight Loss.  Our bodies are like an automobile engine. If (attitude) impaired, we will experience decreased performance, increased exhaustion, and eventually, a possible breakdown.  If your self-esteem is at a record low and your weight is approaching an all-time high, it’s time for an engine overhaul.

You can literally Speak Yourself To Life!  Your Words will Produce daily transformations where you begin to see results immediately.  But there’s more.  It begins with our individually customized Locomotive Campaigns.  Our LoCamps offer a huge variety of comprehensive foods (you choose only the ones you enjoy) and we teach you how to make your favorite foods Work For You!  This includes our actual food supplements (not pills), which are engineered to create momentum while rebuilding and renewing your metabolic engine.  Get ready to experience More Energy, Sharper Focus, and Reduced Cravings while eating what you love.  And if you over do it?  Relax.  You will know exactly what to do to stop the slide, at that moment.

Of course, you are never alone.  Our coaches put all the pieces together for you.  They have navigated the roadblocks over many years and they possess the heart to lead you into consistent victory, no matter what you face.  With their help, you will develop the habits which will keep you at your desired weight for the rest of your life.  The Inside To Outside Approach leads to your best life ever.

Keep It

Keep The Results.  Have It!  The most commonly used phrase with dieting has to be, “I gained it all back!”  The Manifest Weight Loss Inside To Outside approach and LoCamps are not diets.  This is a proven Lifestyle which puts you in control of your quality of life.  It makes you a master of choosing the right food combinations in strategic ways while eliminating the mental stressors that set you up for defeat.  Once you experience how this works you will want to keep this course forever.  We call it, “Permanent Freedom.”

So Have The Results and Keep The Results.  Within a few short months you will have learned the secret of healthy eating without denying yourself, and will have created an exciting future to enjoy with those closest to you.  The Rest Of Your Life Will Be The Best OF Your Life.