MWL Coaching Packages

Our goal at Manifest Weight Loss is not weight loss. 

The Diet Mindset
is just disappointment waiting to happen.  Our goal is permanence; Permanent Freedom!  In order to achieve our 99% success rate we tailor our campaigns for each individual client.  All of our campaigns include personalized coaching.  For faster results, we may also include an exercise component.

Depending on where you are presently in your weight loss journey we have three Coaching Packages which we customize according to your goals and general health. 

Full-Service Package
Includes One ZOOM consultation per week, Unlimited texts
and telephone calls each week;  Plus, over 60 product servings
per month from The Flavor Hub.

Coaching Only Package
(No Flavor Hub Products)

Includes One ZOOM consultation per week.
Unlimited texts and telephone calls each week.

Maintenance Packages
(No Weight To Lose)
#1:  One Zoom Consultation Per Week plus texts and calls.
#2:  Two ZOOM Consultations Per Month plus texts and calls.

To identify the strategy which would be best for you, it begins with completing 6 Easy Questions About You which you can access below and takes less than 2 minutes.

Once that is done we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss, and you can decide what is best for you.  We look forward to making the Rest of your life become the Best of your life. 

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