Manifest Weight Loss

Can You Manifest Weight Loss and Drink Alcohol?

Many people enjoy a glass of wine or beer with dinner, and under ordinary circumstances this is perfectly acceptable.

However, if you are committed to a Manifest Weight Loss Campaign, especially in the first 30 days,

alcohol consumption would be counterproductive to your weight loss goals.

And of course, ingesting too much alcohol is damaging to a healthy lifestyle in general.  Drinking excessive alcohol doesn’t just cause weight gain,

it can also lead to other health problems.

These can include high blood pressure, increased triglycerides, heart diseases, stroke, liver disease, and some cancers.

At the same time, there is evidence showing that one glass of red wine in the evening is beneficial to your health.  This would not be considered excessive.

So, can you drink and still Lose Weight?  The answer is YES! **

Below are three effective tips to help you lose weight while still enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Tip 1: Budget Your Calories.

Even if you’re not planning on having a big meal it is wise to consider the extra calories that you will intake when having alcohol with your meal.

Manifest Weight Loss

Tip 2: Don’t Skip A Meal To Bank Calories.  Some people believe that because they’ve had too much alcohol, they have to skip meals in order to keep the calories balanced.

Actually, consuming alcohol without food increases its absorption rate into the bloodstream and can become dangerous;

taxing your digestive system, and creating hunger later on leading to potential overeating as well.

If you are going to to consume alcohol, please do so with food.

Manifest Weight Loss

Tip 3: “Workout” What You Put in.  If you are planning on having a big meal with alcohol, how about planning a

HIIT workout before the meal or a long walk afterward? Your body will thank you for it. 

Manifest Weight Loss

So, enjoy the occasional glass of wine or beer with your meal, but also consider that when you plan on drinking,

count the cost and consider these tips in order to keep off any unwanted weight.

** After minimum of 30 days alcohol free on a Manifest Weight Loss Campaign and with the advice and consent of your team coach.