Joanna Gerard

Joanna is the president and founder of Manifest Weight Loss, Inc. and has been a leader in the health, nutrition, and weight loss industry for more than twenty-five years.  She has coached thousands of men and women to drop the weight with a cumulative weight loss of more than 44,000 pounds!

As a motivational speaker and spiritual leader in her community, Joanna, says, “Motivating people to be their best self is not my profession, it’s my passion!”  And hundreds of her followers agree.  It’s what makes her a five-star coach.

Client after client testifies how Joanna just never let’s go.  She will be with you through every aspect of the journey and get you to the finish line, every time.  And it’s not just the physical results; Joanna brings the emotional healing as well.  It is truly a life renovation experience and it is unique for each person.

Joanna says, “The number one desire of my clients is to walk in wholeness, body, mind, and spirit.  Most weight loss plans will help you lose weight, but will not address the long term pitfalls of emotional eating.  At Manifest Weight Loss, success means lifestyle change and lifetime transformation

Joanna works to create lasting relationships. She is not just a weight loss coach… She is your personal confidant.  Joanna has been happily married for 38 years and the mother of two children.

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